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本文摘要:It looks like 5G is here!


It looks like 5G is here! At least thats what it looked like if you wandered around Mobile World Congress 2016 this week. Booths filled with information about the next-generation wireless standard — some even offering demonstrations of the technology — seemed to occupy more floor space even than new smartphones.5G或许走出了我们的生活。最少,如果你本周漫步在2016年世界移动大会的会场上是这样的。会场内的颇受欢迎展示柜都是关于下一代无线通信标准的信息。其中一些甚至获取了该技术的展出体验服务。

5G或许占据比新智能手机更好的楼层空间。But the reality is that the successor to 4G cellular service is still, according to best estimations, around five years from connecting devices around the world.然而现实是,就算即使按照最悲观的估算,4G蜂窝服务的接班人依然必须五年时间才能为全世界的通讯设备用于。



So why, then, was 5G the talk of Barcelonas big international tech conference now?那么为何在巴塞罗那的大型国际化技术会议上不会有关于5G的辩论呢?The idea of 5G needed no inventing, per se: Weve all known for a while that 5 would come after 4. But what the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance did shortly after last years MWC was release something called the 5G White Paper to lay out what 5G wireless will look like in terms of speed. (Assuming, of course, that consumer companies and hardware vendors can cooperate.)5G的概念并不需要特地去建构,本来我们就告诉5不会是接着4之后下一个来临的。在去年世界移动通信大会旋即之后,下一代移动网络联盟公布了5G白皮书来原作将来5G无线网络将不会超过什么速度。(当然,前提是消费者公司和硬件供应商都给与因应。


)In that paper, the alliance announced the next mobile data standard should be capable of a healthy 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). Yep: With 4G speeds in the U.S. today averaging somewhere between 5 and 12 megabits per second (Mbps), 5G will look to improve upon its predecessor by up to 200 times.在白皮书中,该联盟宣告下一代移动数据标准应当需要约每秒1千兆比特。是的,如今美国平均值的4G速度在5兆到12兆,5G的速度比它的前辈要单圈200倍。Youre probably psyched to imagine how fast apps, video, and other data will download or stream over 5G. But the idea of imminent gigabit mobile data is even more exciting for wireless infrastructure companies such as Qualcomm and Cisco. (After all, theyll be ones wholl have to upgrade that infrastructure to the new standard.) This years Mobile World Congress gave these brands the first big international stage where they could trot out their moonshot ideas for the potential new tech. And trot they did.你有可能早已在兴奋地想象手机应用于、视频以及其他数据在5G网络下运营或iTunes的速度该有多慢了。但是关于即将来临的千兆级移动数据流量更加让Qualcomm和Cisco这样的无线设备公司激动(却是它们才是必须为顺应新标准而将系统升级换代的公司)。







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